Investomania Live

17 April 2019    |   Singapore

Investomania is a one-day event specially designed to provide you with the knowledge, appreciation and competitive edge to profit from investments and trading.

It’s become common knowledge that surviving on a single income is no longer a viable option, but we’re also flooded with too many alternative streams of income.

That’s why the focus of this event is to help you bridge both value investing (Buffett Strategies) and technical trading together in order to help you make informed decisions that would affect the rest of your life.

Regardless of whether you’re new or experienced, Investomania will have something to offer you; be it to help you start strong, or to take your game to the next level.

Let Us Equip You with Trading and Investing Systems that are Simple, Sensible and Safe


Learn Real Strategies

You’ll learn the actual strategies that real investors and professional traders practice themselves that are tested and proven to work. No theory allowed.

Get Consistent Results

Learn how to design a plan that works for you specifically is crucial to maintaining a consistent profit and helps you overcome the 2 biggest pitfalls of trading: fear and greed

Customise Your System

Whether your goal is long term wealth or making fast profits, you’ll find a system that suits your risk profile, fits your time schedule and which scales with your experience level

Your Heavyweight Speakers

Master of Value Investing

Chief Market Strategist and International Trading Educator

                Successor to the Buffett Formula                   

Round 1: Sean Seah

Value Investing

  • Learn how to research and read into global markets, trends and companies
  • Transforming your insights today into informed decisions and long-term profits tomorrow
  • Create an investment portfolio that generates profit with low risk

Round 2: Sandy Jadeja

Technical Trading

  • Learn how to read and analyse market patterns and why it’s as easy as a trip to 7-11
  • Know when the best and worst times are to invest in properties and commodities
  • Immediately create a 2nd income


Buffett Strategies

  • How “Buffettology” can help you be a better value investor
  • Modern financial trends and strategies for the layman
  • Why better management can lead to even better profits

Round 4: Why Not Both?

The Best of Both Worlds

  • Combine both value investing and technical trading to create an immense and diversified income stream
  • Create a portfolio that utilises both long-term and short-term investments
  • With the best of both worlds, customise your investment journey with systems that suit your risk appetite and experience

Who Should Attend?

You’re fresh and want to start out strong on your investment journey but don’t know where to look

Stuck one
You’ve hit a wall, you’re anxious, and you’re looking to overcome this and achieve more

The Hardened Veteran
You’ve seen and experienced plenty as an investor, and you’re looking for people to trade war stories with & bring your game up

Lost One
You don’t know why you’re here, but all you know is that you hate your job and you need to live life on your own terms

Hear What Others Are Saying

Yi-Tan Chen
“In 3 months my account went from $5,000 to $74,006! Sandy’s class is fun, simple & magical!” 
Vitini Lin 
“I started with $500, and in 5 days I made $3,900 profit! But what I love about Sandy’s course is the realisation we need to find our purpose.”
 Jean (Wealth Management Consultant)
“I realised this was more about self discovery. My first trade I lost, but I have about $40,000+ now.”
June (High level interpreter for Alan Greenspan & former Presidents)
“Sandy’s system is incredibly easy to us. Being successful is 80% psychology and 20% the actual mechanics and technology” 

It doesn't matter whether how well-versed (or lack thereof) in investing & trading you are. The only thing that truly matters is that you're equipped to win the financial game of life, and Investomania is there to help you step up.

Event Details


17 April 2019


9:00am - 6:00pm



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